Asset Downloads

To ensure our partners have the best experience when creating Metafy branded assets, we're happy to provide a collection of Metafy and video game assets to help you out.

For more information on how to create content that aligns with Metafy Brand Guidelines, we recommend you read over our brand documentation.




Our logo can be used in a variety of applications, on banners, marketing assets, streaming overlays, and much more!


Social Assets


A collection of Metafy branded banners for use on social media. This collection will continue to grow, if you have any feedback or suggestions please reach out to the Metafy design team on Discord.




Metafy uses two primary fonts:

  • Clash Display
  • Suisse Int'l

If you do not have a license for Suisse Int'l, we offer Inter as an alternate font.


Game Images


We offer a collection of video game icons, character cutouts, and other elements. Because these assets are subject to copyright, you will need to request access from a member of Metafy.




Metafy gradients come in various shapes and sizes, including the gradients outlined in our Color documentation. Below are a set of premade gradients you can use, as well as documentation on how these gradients are created and how you can create more!



Illustrations are a key element of the Metafy brand.

In the links below you'll find guidance on using illustrations with other elements, as well as a large, ever growing collection of illustrations and characters to use in your graphics.




Shapes are another key element of the Metafy brand. Our shapes are inspired by the world of videos games and can be used in conjunction with other brand elements.

In the links below you'll find guidance on how to use and create shapes, as well as downloads of some starter shapes you can use in your designs.

Ad rolls


Ad rolls can be added to your videos to promote a specific game on Metafy, and to encourage your viewers to sign up and support you via your supporter link.